Scytale Essentials and Scytale Professional Services For SPIFFE

Accelerate and optimize your SPIFFE and SPIRE deployment

As the leading contributor to SPIFFE and SPIRE, Scytale has recognized that a successful deployment of these technologies requires careful planning and execution. unprecedented access to our own expert engineers and our experience gained from advising many organizations, through our professional services and subscription offerings.

Scytale Essentials

Scytale Essentials gives organizations implementing SPIFFE and SPIRE the comfort and security of working with a supportive and experienced partner, while also maintaining the benefits of vendor-neutral open-source software.

The annual software subscription includes a Scytale-supported, production-hardened distribution of the SPIRE project that closely follows the community open-source release, but also includes immediate access to critical bug fixes and security patches. The subscription also includes a service-level agreement for bug fixes and inquiries, root cause analysis, office hours, and a dedicated technical account manager.

Scytale Professional Services

Scytale Professional Services complements SPIFFE Subscribe with on-demand access to dedicated expertise when planning, deploying, and scaling a SPIRE deployment, as well as complementing an organization’s existing engineering team with the necessary development resources.

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